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About Us

As businesses race to address an array of consumer-focused compliance requirements, from anti-money laundering laws to corporate accounting mandates, the demand for regulatory compliance continues to grow. Across industries, from retail and real estate to healthcare and government, regulations are getting tougher, and s remain in short supply.

Blue Arrow Management Consultants is a team of professionals with more than 20 years of regulatory experience between them, spanning multiple regulatory structures in the UAE, including SCA, FSRA and DFSA.

We assist businesses in the complete regulatory cycle, which begins with company incorporation and approval from a regulator. The process continues with training of employees, in order to equip them with the right tools to conduct regular compliance checks, manage regulatory concerns, and interact with the regulator on a regular basis.

Companies have to juggle with global and domestic regulatory standards — amid the rise of cryptocurrency, fraud prevention, online retail, data protection and privacy. Often, companies find it intimidating to deal with often changing laws, regulations and requirements, and often find themselves lacking in resources when it comes to dealing with these challenges, concerns and requirements.

Contact us to help you ease the process, and let us help you make sense of the process, ease the burden, and allow your business to sail smoothly and grow in a compliant and healthy manner.